My first attempt at couple portrait!

Pencil and charcoal sketching, portraits

This is my first attempt at couple portrait! Sketched to for my old neighbors when they celebrated the uncle’s 60th birthday 🙂 IMG_20140618_150201


Pottery! :D

other interests

This is not relevant to the theme of the blog, but I just made a small pot today at a place called Dakshina Chitra! 😀 That place has a lot of activities like pot making, bamboo and shell art, glass blowing, folk dances, etc. It also has the houses like those Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnatake (the 4 southern states of India). Hence the name Dhakshina Chitra roughly translating to southern arts. One interested in architecture and culture of these states should visit this place i say! 😀

This is me making the pot!

pot making

And this is the end product! 😀